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Food + Love + Time.....repeat...and repeat.....and repeat.

Posted By Lisa LaBorde, Friday, January 17, 2014

Dr. O'Toole recently posted this prescient reminder on the role of time in healing on the Kartini Clinic BlogTime.....sweet, vexing Time.

When the journey begins in such a dire place (as it so often does) progress is intoxicating and when we reach the milestone of "better" it is so, so difficult to not want "back to normal" to follow fast on its heels.  It is somewhat daunting to think that you may be feeding and monitoring for years and years to come but sometimes that is the reality.  The caregiving journey is long and healing doesn't tend to happen in a clear, straight line.  We may not be in the trenches forever but management takes time.   Along with 'nerves of steel' and 'herculean fortitude' we need to have eternal patience.    I wonder, does it help to have a clear sense of just how long it can take from the very beginning or is it too much too soon?  Is it easier to focus on the immediate goal of nutritional rehabilitation and then take a mental breather and regroup for the long haul?


A read of the "How Long Does It Take" thread on Around the Dinner Table forum is a helpful reminder for our impatient, Alpha Parent brains that along with food....time is also medicine.

Also, some research that supports taking the long view:

"Caloric Consumption and Activity Levels After Weight Recovery in Anorexia Nervosa:  A Prolonged Delay in Normalization by Walter H. Kaye, M.D. et al.

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Countdown to Conference

Posted By Lisa LaBorde, Wednesday, January 15, 2014

We are almost at the two week countdown mark for the Conference.  

For those of you who are still thinking of coming.....please, please do.  You can find all the details here.  

It is almost impossible to sum up in words how powerful and special a carer's conference is.  Cynthia Bulik gives a pretty darn amazing clinician's perspective on caregiver conferences here.  They provide a unique opportunity for caregivers and clinicians to come together and learn from each other's perspective.....and there is much for us to learn from each other and much reason to do so.  We are, after all, on the same team with the same goals. At a conference like this that alignment feels real and tangible.  

...and given how isolating this journey can be the 'strength in numbers' feeling is a powerful, powerful thing.

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